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Connecting youth to positive adult role models

Mentortastic has been positively interacting with at-risk and academically low performing youth since its founding in 2015 and continues to connect youth with challenging home lives with dedicated volunteer adults throughout the United States. We encurage you to be a Mentor. A mentor's key initiatives include:

  1. 1) Providing direct mentoring services to at-risk youth (such as those in foster care; with incarcerated parents; susceptible to gang participation, drug/alcohol abuse or teen parenting; homeless/in transition or academically struggling);
  2. 2) Facilitating the process for adults to volunteer in schools and youth services organizations;
  3. 3) Leading a community coalition of school districts, youth service organizations, local companies and foundations to address the student drop out rate; and
  4. 4) Enabling corporate employees and community members to provide academic project and personal support to students in school via Email mentoring.

Be A Mentor’s Mentoring Management System (MMS) is a full-service online program specifically designed to streamline and support the mentoring process, from mentor application to volunteer screening to match reporting and tracking. Its counterpart, the Volunteer Management System (VMS) provides any organization in which volunteer adults interact with children with a screening and project/activity management tool to ensure a successful undertaking. Both of these Systems are available for other agencies, community benefits organizations and schools. Mentortastic offers volunteers the opportunity to support a youth through on line mentoring or face to face.

All mentor applicants must be at least 21 years old, complete an application and undergo a rigorous screening, clearance, training and interviewing process before being matched.

Mentortastic connects each volunteer to one of the youth in the program. After completing the screening process, the mentor is matched with a youth in her/his own community. Mentors agree to spend at least 1-2 hours per week for at least one year with the youth in a manner and style amenable to both. Activities may include hiking, visiting a museum or other point of interest, cooking, playing basketball, performing community service, or simply having lunch or coffee to chat. While all mentoring takes place outside of school, mentors frequently attend school activities and functions to support their mentees. Stand by more info is coming.

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